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I am sure taht most of people know facebook as the most famous social-networking and the most visited website. In facebook we only get new friends, chatting, uploading pictures, sending messages, etc. We only spend out our money for something that just does not give us advantages. Here we find a new social-networking which is very profitable, than we can get new friends, we can also get a reward or prize from the provider. Click here to follow

If you have clicked the banner or the link, you will find the window appears like this

Fill out all the required data and click create account. After you clicked that, you will be taken directly to the home page like this

Every activities you do there :
Be Social and you will get points! Here is a breakdown on some ways you can get points:

- Signing In
- Messaging Friends
- Commenting
- Updating your Status
- Updating your Mood
- Updating your MyLife
- Posting Topics
- Starting Groups
- Starting Polls
- Talking in Chatroom
- Rating
- Telling your Friends about us
- Verifying your Picture
- Buying/Selling Socints
- and many other ways!
You can earn point reward that can be exchanged to some gifts, such :

Now you are already registered and ready to having social-time and reward-time.
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all about computer

Awsurveys is the place to find the money by making some surveys there. Most of the surveys are websites surveys provided by awsurveys. We only provide a minimum of two comment line.
Click here to register.

If you are already registered, a window will appear like this

You need to fill in your data correctly, and then click register.
After you register and login, then take some surveys available on the website to get your money immediately. To get more money, you may reffer the other people to sign up here because you will get $ 1.25 per person you get.
Here is the screenshot how much i got

I never think of it, I do not believe at first, but when I try to redeem, and appeared to be waiting 5 more days to the process of liquefaction. I will wait till date 2 July 2009 if the payment is established. Because after I find out, my account was hacked, so my money becomes like that.
So, hurry up to register on this site.

all about computer

Bittorrent can be the most comfortable download place. Because many people are sharing their files and upload them as torrent files. But we are very difficult to find a fast download speed here because the download speed depends on the number of our peer (seeder and leecher) are. The more of number of peers in our torrent file, The more faster we can download it.

Seeder is a part that has a full file
Leecher is a part that has a partical some (not full) file
Many kinds that we can get on piratebay and other torrent sites, such as the windows vista for FREE, adobe master collection cs3 and cs4, games, movies, etc. If we want to download a file eg windows vista, we just type the keyword on piratebay, and after we find a new window containing the file torrent, we select the file that the torrent have a lot of seeder and we downloaded the file.
How to download the file using torrent :
1. make sure we have installed bittorrent downloader

2. download torrent file
3. double click on the file
4. select the directory we want to save the file

And this is the advantage downloading by bittorrent, that we can resume our unfinished downloaded file though our computer have reinstalled.
How to resume our unfininshed downloaded file :
1. make sure we have torrent file saved or we search it again
2. double click the file
3. select the directory we had downloaded yet
4. done, just waiting for bittorrent while checking the file how many was it downloaded at the past time.

all about computer

Do you think your computer slow?
Do you think your computer could make you angry?
Please check it out here, if you want to the guidance to speed up your PC.

You can actually speed up your computer with the way how to edit default setting from microsoft. You may feel afraid if you hear my ask. You still feel afraid to do so because you are afraid even if your computer would be broken. But do not worry, I am here to provide guidance to download the ebook to speed up your computer which has windows xp and windows vista operating system. And I shall indeed have to try it some time and it feels very good result for me especially windows vista. Windows vista because it looks good but relate my computer only has 1 GB of RAM is super limited, so the access is very close in speed limit. I think this is good ebook and it should be downloaded.
Please download the file here or here

all about computer

For you who have many files such as software, computer tips, internet tips, pictures, and others you can make sharing your files here. In the file sharing, each file which is downloaded by a person, you will get points which can be converted to a premium account or a money there. Click the banner below to join

If you want more money, you can also promote their premium account (be a reseller), or invite other people to sign up here. The more files you share and the more people who register here under your name, you will get money quickly. To promote your link and the file link, you can put on your site or blog you have. If you have enough points to convert, and you want to buy a premium account you can also resell it if you do not want to use the account. The screenshot is like this

So, let's join this if you want to maximize your files.

all about computer

Most of the people that have a static IP does not want the identity and location where he is, known by the others. Classic way is to use a proxy to use anonymous or high anonimity with the tedious manual configuration. And most of the proxy that we use, makes slow internet access, because we know that many people use the same proxy. For that reason here, we can use a very simple software that can help us cover our IP and does not reduce the speed of our internet access.

The principle of this software is the same as a proxy, but in a way that's different with proxy. What we do just clicking Get a new IP and when we have got a new proxy, we can directly use it. Here is the screenshot

As my description before, we only need to click the button get a new IP and wait for a moment while easy hide is searching for a new IP. After the new IP is founded, we can directly use it.
The installation:
1. unrar the files to my document
2. run easy-hide-ip installer
3. run the patch, when you are asked to find the file, just search the file in the directory where you install it. Usually in C: \ Program Files \ Easy-Hide-IP and double clcik EasyHideIp

some of antivirus detect this patch as a virus, this does not actually dangerous. so, please pause a moment your anti-virus while installation.

all about computer

In my previous posting, there is only way to get rapidshare premium account for free. Now, I will help you to get an account from various filehosting in the world, such as rapidshare, megaupload, megaerotic, sendspace, gigasize, badongo, easyshare, filefactory, and Uploading. Click here to join

First, please click this banner to join.

Get premium accounts for free!

After you click that banner, the webpage will appear like this

Then, what you need to do are choosing your order to get your desired premium account, for example megaupload. After you choose your desired package, please enter your email address and klik sign up.
After you click sign up the window will appear like this :

You have to fill out the data correctly and click register.
After you have clicked register, they will send you a confirmation email and you need to click it. Click the link to confirm it, then you can login and search for new refferal.

note :
If you do not sign up through refferals ID owned by anyone, the premium-free bonus will not come quickly to you. But you have to reffer more than 5 new refferals to get your premium account choosen.